LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - Drivers across Louisiana can take advantage of an early Christmas present being offered by Circle K to its customers across participating  locations across the company’s Gulf Coast region including the LafayetteBaton Rouge, Little Rock, New Orleans, Mobile/Pensacola, Jackson, Birmingham, and Montgomery areas.: significant discounts on gas.

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Circle K has been my main gas station of choice for years. Their gas is affordable and I love their Polar Pop drinks, which are offered at great deals throughout the year. (Right now, all sizes are offered at 89 cents before taxes).

Since 6:00 a.m. today, customers have been receiving 50 percent off of hot food served at Circle K.  That includes 50% their Polar Pops as well! And it's lasting until 4:00 p.m.

Photo by Sean Rayford/Getty Images
Photo by Sean Rayford/Getty Images

Hopefully, you are in need of a fill up at the gas pump because the popular gas station is offering 30 cents off per gallon between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. and it's only happening TONIGHT (Wednesday, December 20th).


Now, if you will excuse me, I'm going to head to my nearest Circle K to fill my gas tank up!

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