It's bound to happen at some point.  With the genre's proliferation over the past 20 years it's pert nigh inevitable.  Someday a superhero movie is going to win the Academy Award for Best Picture.  That's a bold statement, I know, but it might even happen this year, through the chances are slim.  When the nominations are announced in L.A. tomorrow morning at 5:18am PST (what's that about?), Deadpool  may be on the list.  If it is, it could possibly be the raunchiest movie ever to be nominated.  Sometime last year my wife and I were visiting our daughters in Tyler.  My son-in-law is a huge fan of the movie, so he said it was just something I had to see.  There's no doubt that the script is hilarious, Ryan Reynolds is outstanding, and the effects are incredible, but its violence, profanity, and obscenity were dumbfounding.  But, of course, that was the whole point of the movie. It was every cliche from ever superhero movie amped up and turned on its head.  And I'm not judging anybody, but you dads will understand where I'm coming from when I say this--I felt embarrassed watching it with my daughters in the same room.  So, I had to go outside and didn't see the 2nd half of the movie.  But, there were millions of people who loved it and you can't argue with that; it's grossed nearly $1 BILLION worldwide since its release.  The movie's star, Ryan Reynolds, has been campaigning heavily for a nomination, and  Deadpool got two Golden Globes nominations which are often a harbinger for Oscars.  So, it could happen tomorrow--The Merc With A Mouth gets something he really cannot stop talking about.

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