Over the past month, we've been asking local youth choirs to submit videos of them performing for a chance to sing on stage with Foreigner at Municipal Auditorium. I can confirm that we've had some absolutely incredible entries from all over the area.

On Saturday, we narrowed the list to 5 finalists: Benton High School, Northwood High School, Elm Grove Middle School, Caddo Magnet High School and the Songbook South Singers.

Picking a winner was almost impossible. We took fan votes into consideration. Our judges re-watched all the entry videos numerous times. A lot of careful consideration and debate into choosing a winner. But, in the end, there could be only one. This choir not only edged out the competition and won over the judges but also won the fan vote.

Without further ado...the winner is:

The Caddo Magnet High School Choir will be joining Foreigner on stage to perform 'I Want to Know What Love Is'. On top of that, the band will be donating $500 to school's choir program.

This was an incredibly tight competition. Every choir that entered deserves a round of applause for their effort and execution. Thanks to everyone that participated and to everyone that voted.

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