Andrea Lee could put us in a hospital bed faster than we could say "MMA." The no. 1 ranked women's Muay Thai featherweight in the world, Lee has built a name for herself as a fighter who can destroy any competitor -- male or female.

She's no ordinary babe, but that's what made her a perfect choice for Louisiana Babe of the Month.

Lee describes herself as someone who "looks like a lady and fights like a man." Looking at her resume, it's hard to argue.

She's the 2013 Louisiana state and women's national Golden Gloves Champion, the 2013 North American Grappling Association's national and a world Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champion.

In other words, she's a certifiable bad ass. If you still have doubts, consider that at a recent fight she not only made an entire division of female fighters forfeit, but then accepted an invite to the men's division -- which placed her 20 lbs. out of her weight category -- and came out in 1st place.

Her likes include big trucks, sexy underwear, sports, southern rock, people who take care of their body and all things fitness. Her turn-offs include Facebook stalkers, smoking, fast food, foreign cars, rap and hip hop and liberal politics. We won't argue about any of that.

Check out photos from our exclusive shoot with Andrea Lee below.

Measurements: 32-26-38

All photos provided exclusively to 99X by Ethereal Imaging Photography.

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