One of my favorite places to end up after a night out on the town is Andy's Frozen Custard. My ideal nightcap is a vanilla custard on a cone. Oh, and I can't forget a pup cone for my dog Olive.

I drive down Airline just about every day and I have been keeping a close eye on the construction going on across from Bed Bath and Beyond. As if we didn't have a serious issue with traffic on Airline already, Andy's Frozen Custard is about to have us all lined up Chick-Fil-A style.

Bossier is listed as Andy's 7th Louisiana location on their website. Unfortunately, we don't have an opening date yet. But we are keeping an eye on their website hoping they give us a target date.

There are several rumors surrounding what restaurant will be going up next to Andy's. Several Facebook posts indicate that Flying Burger and Seafood may be the lucky neighbor next to Andy's.

Have you ever tried Andy's before? Are you excited to have a new spot to get your custard fix?

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