Look out Papa Emeritus, it time for the spotlight to shine on Papa Vincent ... Anthony Vincent, that is. The YouTube superstar has made a habit of replicating popular songs in a variety of musical formats as part of his "Ten Second Songs" channel. In one of his recent postings, Vincent decided to take on System of a Down's chaotic masterpiece, "Chop Suey," in the styles of the Three Tenors, the Mongolian throat singers, the Wu-Tang Clan and more. But after posting the video, he opened it up for fans to select one favorite style and he'd record the song in that manner. The winning entrant was none other than Ghost.

Fans are clued in pretty quickly with the "Message From the Clergy" opening synonymous with Ghost. As the message is soon replaced with a visual, we see Vincent donning a similar look to Papa Emeritus, complete with facial paint, a buttoned up black robe and a headdress. The entire clip is shot in black and white, with insert close-ups on hands playing an organ and a guitar.

Gone is the rapid-fire, tongue-twisty delivery of Serj Tankian. In fact, given that the song is in the style of Ghost, the track is slowed down with a more atmospheric and haunting style with Vincent mirroring Papa's deep voiced delivery. The multi-talented singer also does his own backing vocals at one point as well. And, for good measure, because you wouldn't want to incur the wrath of Sister Imperator, the singer works in a "Lucifer, Satan" reference. Watch it all play out above.

Vincent has lent his talents in the past to special versions of Linkin Park's "In the End," Halestorm's "I Miss the Misery" and even the Pokemon theme. See more of his works at his Ten Second Songs YouTube channel.

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