Now, THIS is how you make an impression on a prospective employer.

A New Orleans teen was hired by Popeyes after he helped thwart a robbery while he was in the restaurant on a job interview this past Saturday.

The goon, Pablo Ciscort, 50, reached into the register to take the cash inside of it. After Ciscart managed to break free from the grasp of the assistant manager, restaurant manager Danyanna Metoyer blocked the door, while Devin Washington -- the 18-year-old job applicant -- corralled his arms and put him a reverse bear hug when Ciscart tried to escape.

At that point, Ciscart, who was detained by Washington and a cook, gave up while police were summoned. Washington said he wasn't scared, even though he didn't even know if Ciscart was armed.

The really good news for Washington? Management had already agreed to hire him before the incident. After the hubbub died down, they let him know by saying, "You earned it."

Now, how about giving him a raise?

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