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Tim Boyle/Getty Images
Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Today is National Fried Chicken Day! I can't believe that we have to work on such a huge holiday. Especially here in the South, because there really can't be anything more Southern than fried chicken!

Course, when it comes to that golden batch of Godly greatness, nobody does it better than your Momma, but in my opinion (rest assured, I know that most would never agree) the Original Recipe at Kentucky Fried Chicken is a close second. And I'm a dark meat kind of guy, so I'll spend my holiday toasting a couple of thighs for lunch. But, even KFC's breasts are amazing. Most places cook them so dry they're like eating a Motel 6 mattress. But KFC has me hook, line and sinker.

However, we decided to find out what other places have the best fried chicken in all of North Louisiana and it became painfully obvious that while several others love KFC with the same passion I have for them, we have a new King when it comes to fried chicken around these parts. Cotton's in Minden was our reigning winner, but they've been unseated by Southern Classic.

Congrats to the gang at Southern Classic for putting out a product that some people can't imagine living without, but looking at the list of others who made the list, we're never going to run short on great fried chicken around here.

Just look at the responses we got on Facebook:

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