A lot of foods are so much better when you add a bit of the red magic sauce with the white label.  Of course, I'm talking about Avery Islands very own Tabasco Sauce. Seriously - what goes better with breakfast burritos, pizza, tacos, twinkies, whatever!   I've seen the green version and the buffalo sauce as well, but I'm a purist - I like the original.

A new breed of Tabasco sauce has emerged that may upset the champion (original). The company has touted their new Scorpion Sauce as the hottest sauce they have ever produced.  That's saying something, as anyone who has put an extra drop or three on their meal and sweated through the results.  The McIlhenny Company claims that this fiery-red condiment is 20 times hotter than the original.

The molten red and tasty liquid hit store shelves yesterday, and if you want some - you better hurry.  McIlhenny says this is a limited run, so once it's gone - it's gone.  You might want to grab some milk too.

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