If you like it hot, you're in luck!  A southern Louisiana favorite has made its way to Bossier City's Louisiana Boardwalk.  Pepper Palace has opened its first location in Louisiana north of I-10, nestled comfortably between Rocket Fizz and Uniform Outlet.  The hot spot caters to pepper-heads on a mission to burn out their taste buds in style by carrying some the hottest and most flavorful sauces, rubs, salsas, and seasonings from around the world.

According to Pepper Place's website, our new Bossier City center for sauce wants to help you live the "Spice Life" with "small batch, handcrafted, natural, and award winning products."  In fact, they carry a sauce called the "The End."  If you try, and post a video of your reaction with the hashtag #WallOfFlame for a chance to win $250!  Be warned, however - the experience is said to last from 10 minutes to half an hour.

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