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We live in Louisiana, so snakes are a part of life. You can't live here long before you have your first encounter, as the Bayou State is loaded with old "no shoulders."

It wasn't that long ago we had an article here on this site highlighting the sheer volume of both the venomous and non-venomous varieties that call Louisiana home.  Whether it's cotton mouths or copperheads, rattlesnakes, coral snakes or just plain old water snakes, seeing a snake, though frightening at times, isn't that uncommon.

But this Louisiana couple had apparently seen more than they cared to and allegedly, they hatched a plan to rid their area of the vipers.

They would just set the whole area on fire. Little note to the wise here. If the idea you ever begin to have, includes setting your neighbor's property on fire, pump the brakes and give that idea a little more time to cook.

In a story first reported by the Louisiana Radio Network, we learn that a Leesville, Louisiana couple allegedly set multiple fires on land owned by others near their home to drive away snakes.

Police arrested 34 year old Laura Ashley and are still on the lookout for 34 year old Robert Ramirez.

Ashley has been charged with simple arson and investigators learned that Ramirez had also set multiple fires in the area last year.

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