Asking Alexandria re-emerged earlier this year with new vocalist Denis Stoff at the helm and the single "I Won't Give In" has enjoyed a steady rise at radio since it arrived in late May. The band also recently released a second track called "Undivided," but there has been no new album to embrace as of yet.

However, in a new interview with the Mike James Rock Show (seen above), drummer James Cassells offers a timeline of when we might see their first disc with Stoff. "We're looking at next year, early next year," revealed the drummer, who added, "I think we're [also] planning on releasing another music video and single in November."

During the chat, Cassells revealed that the band put Stoff to the test pretty quickly, as he joined the band at major shows in Europe before spending the summer with them on the Vans Warped tour in the U.S. "He's been chucked in the deep end for sure, but he's coming out swimming," says the stickman.

As for the album, Cassells reveals that the disc has been written and fully tracked and the band is in the process of hearing the mixes for the disc. "It's been so awesome just hearing the songs come together from the demos to tracking," says Cassells. "We've taken a long time doing it. We've been in the studio for a while. It's been almost a year."

Asking Alexandria are winding down their touring year with dates booked in Europe, Russia and South America to finish out 2015. They'll team up with Bullet for My Valentine for the "British Invasion" tour of the U.S. and Canada beginning in February. All of their dates can be found here.

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