If you spend any time at all driving on Clyde Fant Parkway, then you probably know that the new YMCA building is pretty much finished.  And it is.  The YMCA of Northwest Louisiana just off East Preston Avenue will open its doors Saturday at 7am.

The new "Y" will be housed in a sparkling new 70,000 square-foot structure that includes a fitness and aquatic center, including both a 50-meter competition pool and an indoor family pool.  State-of-the-art exercise equipment and group exercise studios will offer the latest in fitness technology and training.

But there's even more outside of the YMCA building itself.  The entire complex sits on 150 acres of land that includes a lake with trails and a nature station.  Newly renovated baseball fields are also featured.

The YMCA building will have the name BHP Billiton emblazoned across the front. Of the reported $17.5 million it took to build the complex, BHP Billiton donated about $10.7 million of it.

BTW--If you happen to frequent the current YMCA on Carroll Street in Broadmoor, be aware that that facility will close tomorrow.

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