I don't know squat about basketball. Yet like many others around America and the world today I will make a guess on the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament in hopes of winning fame, fortune, and notoriety around the office.

It's funny how I will play the basketball bracket game but I won't touch those stupid Super Bowl uh, "big game" square things.

That's because picking basketball games is at best a crap shoot, it's a lottery played on the backs of young men. Just like war, we send the young out to do all the work while we, the older generation sit in our recliners and complain.

One of the reasons a lot of offices and companies such as this one have bracket contests is simply for the fun of it. Sure there are prizes available for those who can pick the winners but the biggest winner might be the company itself. 

It's been proven these kinds of bracket challenges among employees is a real morale booster. It's one of the few things that almost every employee can agree on, follow privately or publicly, and can participate in without feeling like an outcast.

Like I said, I don't know squat about basketball but for a couple of days in March every year I turn on the television and I watch. I'll watch teams I've never heard of play teams I don't know anything about. I will revel in the last second shots, the heartbreak, and the joy of picking Winthrop to win it all. 

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