A group of young adults taking a knee is getting a lot of praise on social media this week.

Lynn Bienvenu posted this photo of several kids playing basketball outside of a school in Franklinton, La. during a recent funeral procession. Bienvenu says that the kids all took a knee as the funeral procession passed the school/basketball court.

The group of kids playing a pickup game saw the procession approaching and that's when they stopped the game and took a knee---Out of respect for the deceased and family members.

According to WAFB, this is not the first time that these young adults do this. They have been spotted kneeling before as funeral processions pass the school.

Society is so quick to be critical of kids these days, but when you see a photo like this you have to believe someone is raising these kids the right way.

This photo is more powerful than I can put into words. Respect.


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