It looks like a Beatles buff got the better of a BTS devotee on Thursday as they and others argued the music charting feats of the classic English rockers against those of the South Korean boy band in the replies of a tweet.

Of course, it's not uncommon on Twitter for fans of different acts to debate their favorite artists' merits with each other. And BTS fans, otherwise known as the BTS Army, are aggressively supportive of the K-pop group online, as other commenters have noticed.

So when @chartdata tweeted the Top 10 artists of their Artist 100 ranking for this week, BTS fans were at the ready. Especially since BTS were No. 3.

But The Beatles were No. 2.

"BTS top 3 without any music, they're the music industry," one Twitter user replied, indicating that the boy band hasn't released any singles or albums this year.

"the beatles top 2 without any music since 1971," a Fab Four follower then interjected, pointing out that The Beatles haven't issued a studio album or resulting singles since 1970's Let It Be.

Writer Jessica Suarez first pointed out the funny exchange on her own Twitter.

However, as witty as the Beatles supporter's response may be, it might not be entirely accurate. The Beatles' most recent single — "Real Love," from the retrospective Anthology 2 — was released in 1996. (The song combined an archival recording of late Beatles singer John Lennon with new contributions from the surviving members.) Still, the Beatles fan's sentiment is understood since The Beatles broke up 50 years ago.

Chart Data's Twitter page aims to provide "relevant and noteworthy updates on tracks, albums and artists on a global level," according to its website. The account tweets out updates on a schedule, with Thursdays usually devoted to the Top 10 best-selling albums worldwide and other notable chart achievements.

See a screenshot of the pertinent Beatles vs. BTS discussion below. On Twitter, there are plenty of similar exchanges in reply to the original tweet.

Beatles Fan vs. BTS Fan Twitter Reply


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