The world might be run by politicians and bureaucrats and businessmen, but it belongs to the rare few people just crazy enough to not realize how insane their ridiculous ideas are. One such individual, a hunter and mad man living in Wisconsin, Jesse Kaufmann, refused to accept the conventional wisdom when it comes to deer stands and decided to go bigger. Better. Crazier.

So he built a school bus deer stand.

That's right, this fine gentleman somehow looked at your typical deer stand and thought to himself, Self, he thought, there's gotta be a better way.

At some point after that, he must've been trying to hang a clock or something when he slipped and fell, bumping his head on the way down and coming up with the idea for the flux capacitor. Wait, no. That's Doc Brown from Back to the Future, an equally brilliant mad genius, but not Mr. Kaufmann.

No, he decided instead to use a school bus in the most improbable way imaginable by mounting it high up in the sky to become the world's coolest deer stand imaginable.

Inside, Kaufmann has added a fold-out couch, poker table, two recliners, a heater, and a television complete with satellite dish.

Never let anyone tell you dreams don't come true.

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