Designated beer and wine areas? Uh, Im about to be at every single LSU baseball game.

For those who spent time in Death Valley this season, and also enjoy a tasty beverage, you probably spent a little time in "The Chute". This week, Alex Box will be welcoming their version of this LSU hot-spot, called "The Yard".

In The Yard, fans can pay $20 and get entry and two beverages, and if they want to purchase additional beverages, they can for about $6 a beer.

Putting the area outside of the stadium along with the restricted entry keeps the school in compliance with SEC regulations. Don't worry though, Tiger fans, much like The Chute, The Yard will be fully-decked out in flat-screen TVs so you didn't miss any of the action.

According to Senior Associate Athletic Director Robert Munson, you can expect The Yard to be ready to roll this Friday and all home games moving forward, no mater the weather conditions. “We’re going to be sheltered from any rain.  We’re also going to throw a heater in there or a cooler in there, depending on what time of the year.  You know, it can get pretty cold at Alex Box Stadium early in the season,” said Munson.

Geaux Tigers!


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