The Baton Rouge Police Department is in hot water after a photo from the past featuring a pair of BRPD Officers in blackface has surfaced.  The Advocate reports that the men were posing for a picture related to a 1993 undercover narcotics operation, and the picture ended up being selected for a BRPD yearbook.  According to the Advocate, the 2 men in the picture are Crimestoppers coordinator Lt. Don Stone and now-retired police Capt. Frankie Caruso.  The picture was captioned "Soul Brothers."

The revelation sent shock waves through the community, even as current Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul issued this apology:

Blackface photographs are inappropriate and offensive.  They were inappropriate then and are inappropriate today. The Baton Rouge Police Department would like to apologize to our citizens and to anyone who may have been offended by the photographs."

You can see the full written statement from the chief of the BRPD here

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