If you know me in real life, you know I'm fueled by 3 things: tacos, nicotine and caffeine. Last week, I made a list of my favorite taco places in town. So, I figure I might as well make a list of my favorite coffee houses in Shreveport. You may not realize it, but we have some really cool ones in town. Here are some of my favorites, tell me about yours in the comment section.

Bon Temps Coffee Bar

This place is just awesome. Great coffee. Alcohol on hand. And tons of cool events that showcase local artists and musicians. Oh and they're open late, so it makes for a great place for a drink on date night.

Rhino Coffee

If you're looking for a pick me up or a bite to eat in the morning, Rhino needs to be added into your regular rotation of places to hit up. Coffee is solid, the food is quality and the staff is always helpful. Rhino may not be flashy but they do provide a great atmosphere and some top quality product.

4J's Java & More

This downtown gem is often forgotten because there isn't a huge, flash sign to draw your attention. But, if you know about it or just stumble upon it while walking around, you won't be disappointed. Their entire menu of coffees, cappuccinos, and breakfast/lunch foods are delicious. The smoked Catfish PoBoy is top notch.

Glenwood Village Tearoom

Ok ok....I get it. This technically isn't a coffee shop but I can't think of another list I would do where I could squeeze this in. This place is just awesome. Fantastic food, quality service and just an overall cool place to go. Perfect place to hit if you are out and about with your old lady or daughter. They'll love it just as much as you.