With the taco becoming the new bacon, there has been an explosion of new Taco places across the country. And right here in our own back yard, we have TONS of amazing taco joints. Here are just a few of my favorite places to go when I need a taco fix.

Taqueria La Michoacana

This is one of the coolest places in town. Authentic Mexican tacos and burritos and probably some the best verde sauces I've ever head. Whether you're grabbing lunch or dinner, this is a place you got to try. Just be careful not to order the Cow Tongue tacos...unless you're into that sort of thing

Ki’ Mexico

Ki' Mexico isn't your typical Mexican joint. They don't serve your ordinary, every day tacos. These are interesting culinary concoctions that you just have to try. And did I mention they have an awesome bar? Yeah, this place is a favorite.

Parish Taceaux

This is Shreveport's newest taco place and it is awesome. Much like Ki' Mexico, Parish Taceaux doesn't serve up your normal Mexican fare. It Mexican infused with Southern Culture that you just have to try. Tacos, dessert and killer tacos...what's not to love?