Am I the only one getting hit with all these really cool taco teasers on Facebook? I thought about skipping my annual taco tour due to the COVID-19 restrictions but, I need to follow my heart, more like follow my stomach, but it's all the same. So, I am happy to once again enlist the help of your taste buds.

What is my taco tour? It's two weeks of sheer bliss. I consume tacos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I visit a different eatery in the Ark-La-Tex in hot pursuit of the best taco. As a Latina, let me just say I am picky. If it's a crunchy taco, it better have more than just ground beef and cheese, I need a flavor-packed taco that has me asking for thirds. In return, I give you a review of some of the best tacos you have highlighted, together we narrow down the best taco in town.

Last year you filled me in on some restaurants that I had ever heard of before, and because of you I was able to close my eyes as I ate my taco and it felt like I was in Mexico and all I was missing was a really good tan and an ice-cold cerveza (beer).

Do me a favor and send me a message directly by clicking here or you can just comment on this post tagging your favorite taco spot, please don't forget to name drop the taco that you swear by.


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