The best reissues of 2002 split the difference between revisionism and rediscovery. Whether expansions of classic albums or vault-clearing releases of new records, 2022's top archival releases, box sets and deluxe reissues featured some of music's biggest names.

The Beatles, David Bowie, the Rolling Stones and Neil Young continued their annual visits with collections that ranged from deep period explorations (the Beatles' Revolver, Bowie's Hunky Dory era) to fabled live shows (a great Stones concert disc from 1977) to another shelf full of Young projects.

But there were also some surprises this past year, including previously unheard demos from a pre-Velvet Underground Lou Reed that weren't even known to exist just a few years ago, and the first-ever box dedicated to Blondie's career. You can add fan-favorite Creedence Clearwater Revival and Jimi Hendrix Experience shows from their peak years to the list.

Plus: creative revisions of a classic Prince concert (from his breakout Purple Rain tour, no less), Beach Boys material from a time when their commercial fortunes were waning but new life was stirring and a 50th-anniversary set collecting all of the studio albums by German krautrockers Neu! along with a new disc of remixes and re-imaginings by some of the many artists they've inspired over the years.

The list of Top 15 Reissues of 2022 provides a portrait of how these artists' pasts shaped their futures. It's all about moving forward while never forgetting the paths already forged. Hard to find fault with any of the below records.

Top 15 Reissues of 2022

Box sets, expanded classic LPs and albums from the vaults top the list of the year's best.

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