The Shreveport-Bossier area has a LOT of great bands with great original music (which you can hear just by clicking on the media player under each band's write-up). That being said, you have to understand how difficult this list was to create. If I left you out, it is NOT because I don't like you, that you're not any good or because I've received anything from the bands that MADE the list to sway me in their direction. This is my own personal top 10, and they are in random order, not order of "greatness"...because, let's face it, they're all number one to me! To make it a little easier to understand WHY these bands made my Top 10 Best list, here are the criteria on which my choices were based (keep in mind, reggae and blues-rock bands were not included on this particular list):

1. Musical Quality/Talent -- Both on-stage and off, these are bands that know how to create high-quality musical compositions and killer lyrics. Their live performances sound just as good -- or better -- than their recordings.

2. Stage Performance -- They know how to put on an energetic, live show, how to work the crowd and get them involved in the performance.

3. Promotion -- They have plenty of merch available at their shows, they create and pass out flyers and posters for their shows, utilize all media possible to get the word out, record and post lots of videos and regularly send recordings in for airplay on Homegrown.

4. Musician/Community support -- They're out at other shows, supporting local bands/music, and playing benefit shows for locals in need.

5. Putting Shreveport on the Map -- They're getting recognized by big national acts and playing shows both in and out of town with them (as well as hooking up with other local and area bands), continue to make their names (and Shreveport's name) bigger and better.


These guys really know how to put on an energetic, hard-rocking, entertaining show. You'd never know how hard they can rock by how "mild-mannered" and silly they are OFF-stage. One of the things I love most about this band is how well they promote their shows -- through online resources, flyers, mass text-messages, passing out bumper stickers (which I've found all over the place, including in ladies' restroom stalls!) and having plenty of merch to sell. They've got a new CD in the works that I'm told will blow everyone's socks off...and I can't wait to hear it! They are also HUGE supporters of local music...and not just the metal scene. I've seen these guys (at LEAST two of them on any given night) at a variety of rock shows, from the light acoustic to the heavy metal. All you have to do is browse the photos on the Facebook Homegrown on 99x page to see how often they appear. And they're always willing to jump in on a show to benefit our locals in need. Plus, they're just as dedicated to the music as they are to their individual professional careers.

The Burning is Near


This two-girl, two-guy quartet -- Jordan and Ari, Mike and Dan -- has been one of my favorites since I first heard them. Their music is grade-A, they're always out and about supporting other bands, and they're so much fun to watch and listen to, as well as just hang out and chat with. I guess there's something very cool about chicks with guitars (and bands with chick vocalists, too!) While bassist Dan Black does have a habit of offending...well, pretty much EVERYONE possible, we know it's all in good fun (it's been a topic of conversation in many of our Homegrown interviews!) I'm looking for more great things to come from this dynamic group. All four are all-around good people, and huge local music supporters. I love 'em!


RIVER BLINDNESS (Hard rock/metal)

These guys just keep getting better! Their sound has changed slightly since they made their Homegrown debut (they say they "Ain't Metal No More"), but it's done nothing but compliment them. They're playing around town more, playing with some big national acts and have some out of town shows coming up...and look for them to surface at a Homegrown Live lineup next month. I've spotted vocalist Chris Benefield at numerous rock shows around town -- when his band wasn't even playing -- so I consider him one of the top local music fans around here. And...did I see something about ACOUSTIC songs being posted soon? That would be AWESOME! Can't wait to get more tunes from this band to play for you on Homegrown!

I Ain't Metal No More


The local music scene wouldn't be the same without these four guys! There is a tremendous amount of talent here...whether they're all playing together, or in their other individual musical projects, their music is top-notch. It's really no secret that I consider Adam Dale one of my absolute favorite local vocalists (even though he's made the move from Shreveport to Baton Rouge, I still consider him a "local"). These guys exemplify what creating amazing music and rockin' the stage are all about!

The Rosenberg


Five guys who rock hard onstage...and that you can have an intelligent conversation with offstage. A couple of the band members have other musical projects, too...but it doesn't take away from the quality of THIS group. At their last Warehouse show, they played some new tunes (Boosh!! being one of them, and another they refer to as their "80's hair band song" know I love it! Haha!)...and I'm sure they'll be debuting several others soon. They also know how to balance the music aspect of their lives with family and full-time jobs. A very cool bunch of guys who aren't afraid to cut up and act crazy for the sake of entertainment!


Why do I group these two bands together, you ask? (Take a look at the photos!)...because a lot of the members are the same, that's why! With similar styles, large groups of dedicated fans that come out to watch them play and vocals that really rock, it's difficult to separate the two. While the Leisure Suits haven't done much in a while, they do have a big come-back planned soon. So be looking for new tunes to show up from THEM in the near future! And if you wanna plan a little out-of-town trip, you can catch Dylan at Tsunami in Monroe next Saturday (Oct. 15th) for vocalist Chris Denman's birthday bash! Can't wait to get them back in the studio for another crazy Homegrown interview...and maybe do a little "Lunch Like Leisure Suits"?? Haha!

Farewell My Little Viking (Dylan the Astronaut)

You Had Me at Hawking (Loud Like Leisure Suits)


One of the best up-and-coming bands around here! Ainsley's unique vocal style sets them apart from other female-led bands, and the group as a whole is really making waves and gaining attention both here and out of town. It was a treat finally getting them on the Homegrown show -- and being able to play some of their music on the air. I'm sure you'll all be hearing much more from them in the days and months to come. This is just one of those bands you have to hear for yourself. Here's the first song of theirs I played on Homegrown:

You Us Hey


Ever heard a chick growl onstage? If you've heard Straight Line Stitch, then you probably HAVE...and that means you'll love this group, too! OPD is one of our newest metal bands, featuring vocalist Cat Fleming -- whose mixture of smooth vocals and gutteral growls make this band a rarity in Shreveport-Bossier. It's unusual NOT to see the band members out and about, checking out other bands, supporting the scene, and promoting themselves. And once they get some more songs recorded and get their merch out out! They have a great following already!



They've been through quite a few changes since the first time I saw them...but now they're back with their original vocalist Dustin Freeman -- and a new drummer -- Roger from Black Eyed Susans! And they're sounding better than ever! I'm sure you'll catch the guys around town at shows other than their own...they love our local rock bands! And other local bands love THEM!



Trepid, The Aftermath, Kulture Kill, Tyrants of Steel, Eye of Anger (and soon to come...Organized Khaos)...There are no bigger supporters of local rock than this list of bands, hence the reason I grouped them into one category. I didn't do this because I'm a member of the group myself...but I did join the club for the very reason it exists -- to support the local music scene. And these bands are always playing around town, doing benefit shows for local charities and individuals, and supporting one another -- and local music in general. Several of them will be headed to Natchitoches to play a show to benefit the wildfire victims there. And I see that Trepid has been invited to an invitation-only awards show in Fort Worth, Texas, for MaximaDistorzion -- and has been nominated for best out-of-state band! Good going! Horns high, KoT! (For the sake of fairness, I have not included my band Aimless in this group.)

Sick (Trepid)

Oil Stained Eyes (The Aftermath)

Culture Kill (Kulture Kill)

Warmachine (Tyrants of Steel)

Out with the Old (Eye of Anger)

There are a couple of bands I'd like to send out honorable mentions to. One of them is Beauty in Chaos...a great bunch of guys, so much fun, they put on an awesome and energetic show...and they are a hilarious interview! Just wish I had more of their music to share. Soon, I hope?

And there are The Moulin Dudes -- who only didn't make the list because they're an all-cover band. But if you've never seen four guys in dresses, singing all your favorite chick pop songs...then you have GOT to check it out for yourself! There IS a reason why they're billed as "The Best All-Guy Girl Band" around here. They know how to promote, entertain, and get the crowd going! So bizarre...but so much fun to watch.

Several bands DIDN'T make the list that I would have liked to include, but there were cagetories I was unable to judge them on (or they're not actively playing much right now). Some of these bands have members who are too young to make it out to a lot of shows (specifically at bars and nightclubs), but are so amazingly talented! So shout-outs to Tetrafusion, Aevory and Given are all GREAT! Built for know I love you guys, too (Jonathan is ANOTHER of my favorite local vocalists...and an amazing recording studio producer!!) But I know you are all busy with other projects. Hope to be seeing you again soon. And a fond farewell to Porcelain Arms and 25 for Chuck...gonna miss you guys!