A new bill filed by Shreveport's own Cedric Glover would merge LSU-Shreveport and  Louisiana Tech together.  If the Louisiana State Representative's proposed bill is approved, the new entity would be governed under the Louisiana Tech system. However - If you are currently enrolled, there's no need to worry.

The bill requires that by August 1st of this year, the chancellor of LSU-S would have to submit an official letter of intent to switch over to the new system.  According to KLFY, this letter has to be filed in the office of the "president of the Southern Association for Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges."

If you are a student in good standing for either school, there's no need to start applying to other schools.  According to the bill (which you can read here), you should be allowed to continue your enrollment.  You may have to buy a new college t-shirt and/or hoodie though.

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