It's Not You, It's the Weather...

And everything else the comes along with "Blue Monday".

Just a warning, you're going to wake up on Monday, January 17th not "feeling it".

"Blue Monday," Is Called the Most Miserable Day of the Year.

According to a study was done in 2005 and the conclusion was that many of us are just plain miserable today. Think of all of our worries that came along with 2020 plus factor in the weather, lack of social interaction because of the pandemic, and our crippling debt from Christmas, sounds super encouraging right?

Here are the top 10 reasons why we are feeling "Blue Monday":

1. Feeling broke after overspending around the holidays.

2. The weather.

3. The nights are too long.

4. A lack of sunshine.

5. The magic of Christmas is over.

6. We're already sick of work again after the holidays.

7. Feeling guilty for eating or drinking too much during the holidays (Our gut reminds us of it).

8. Feeling lonely.

9. The fact that most of us already broke our New Years' resolutions.

10. Winter kills our social life.

What can we do to feel alive and not fall into the very slippery slope of depression? Go out and be active. Studies show that being active and spending some time in the sun instantly boosts our mood. I'm wondering if downing a bunch of vitamin D pills will boost my mood?

If you are really struggling today or on Monday you just can't figure out why you feel "not with it" just know that many of us are there with you. Stay strong, stay positive, and go outside today if you can.

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