If you’ve got kids, huddle them around the computer! Along with talking about what’s wrong with America’s pop culture, Body Count frontman Ice-T offers some advice for members of the next generation who may not be so trusting of authority.

Body Count’s new album, Bloodlust, is a masterful record filled with social commentary, political barbs and extreme violence. It’s real as real can get and a much different experience from Body Count’s 2014 album, Manslaughter, which was much more light-hearted in comparison. One of the standout tracks on Manslaughter is “Pop Bubble,” a track tackling the absurdity of pop culture, so we asked Ice if he feels the bubble has expanded in the past three years.

“Those of us singing about the pop bubble were aware of it even before this election, even with Obama in, we knew there was a pop bubble. Now, I think it’s been brought front and center, it’s undeniable,” says Ice. “Who would ever think that news would put reality TV out of business?”

We also asked Ice to send a message to a class of second graders in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn who have an extremely close connection to Eric Garner, the man who famously pleaded, “I can’t breathe” before dying while being detained by police. “I’d tell [the kids] all cops ain’t bad,” Ice-T says. "I’d say cops are human beings, they’re capable of doing the right thing, they’re capable of saving your life. They’re humans though, they’re capable of doing wrong.”

Ice continues, “You judge a devil by his deeds. Don’t look at somebody and say because they’re the same color as you they’re your friend. That could be the one that stabs you in the back.”

Check out our exclusive interview with Ice-T in the clip above and be sure to pick up a copy of Body Count’s Bloodlust album!

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