We all have had the feeling of walking into a restaurant knowing exactly what we're going to order but then the waiter or waitress totally ruins your plans. Right? That's exactly what happened to me at Flying Heart Brewery yesterday.

I Had My Heart Set on a Ceasar Salad and Wings.

If you have never had the wings at flying heart you're missing out. The crawfish dry rub wings are unreal, they're simply delicious. Believe it or not, the salads are good too. I love the Ceasar salad, it's simple and fresh and delicious. Plus you can brag you had a salad.

Flying Heart Brewery
Krystal Montez

Meet the “Fahgettaboudit” Pizza.

What does this beauty have? Marinara, pepperoni, salami, meatballs, provolone & parmesan cheese, topped with oregano, red and black pepper. Of course, I took the liberty of adding jalapenos to mine because I need spice. It's my toxic trait.

Flying Heart Facebook, Krystal Montez
Flying Heart Facebook, Krystal Montez

This Is Seriously the Best Pizza I Have Had in Shreveport-Bossier.

Do I think they need to add the jalapenos to it absolutely? If you work at Flying Heart take notes, just saying.

So if this was one of the best pizzas I have had in Shreveport-Bossier why am I so distraught? Flying Heart has the audacity to tell me that I can't get this pizza after the month is over. What would make you guys do this to me? I found the best pizza in town only to be heartbroken knowing that come May 1st this pizza will be a fond memory. The “Fahgettaboudit” Pizza is the pizza of the month for April. So the clock is ticking.

Dear Flying Heart,

Please don't do this to me, please make this delicious “Fahgettaboudit” Pizza part of the menu. My heart can't handle knowing that one of the best things in my life is about to be taken away from me. I'll never Fahgettaboudit. Ever.


Your Biggest Pizza Fan.


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