Do you even know what your blood pressure is? Most people don't and most people should. Your blood pressure is an important thing to know, that's why they always take your blood pressure measurements every time you visit the doctor's office.

High blood pressure has been called the silent killer. It's symptoms don't manifest in a huge outward appearance. Most people who have high blood pressure don't even know they have it. That ignorance could be deadly so please find out what your blood pressure happens to be. Then get treatment if necessary.

Now that I have done my politically correct due diligence I can get on to the correlation between farting and lower blood pressure. Do you believe there is a connection between these two functions of the body? According to Chinese medical study there is.

The study from China suggested that flatulence is created by enzymes in our bodies. This enzyme creates the gas that our body needs to expel. In the process of removing this unwanted gaseous substance from our inner being the enzyme relaxes the blood vessels thus lowering the blood pressure.

Another aspect of this study suggests that the tension created from trying to hold in unwanted gas creates tension in the body. The muscles of the buttocks and sphincter are clenched tightly. This extra muscle pressure creates a scenario where blood pressure could be raised as well.

The next time you let one rip and people around you complain just explain you are acting in the best interest of your health. You can send them a copy of this article if they are still speaking to you.

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