Staffing shortages and employment challenges have hit nearly every industry across the country, and one area that has been hit hard is law enforcement.

Due to those staffing issues, the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office has decided to make a change in hiring policy and will now welcome applicants as young as 18 years of age.

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Of the recent change, Sheriff Steve Prator said, "If you can join the military and fight a war, you can serve in your own community."

Previous hiring policy required all applicants be at least 21 years of age to apply to become a P.O.S.T certified or corrections deputy.

CPSO Is Hoping To Reach More Applicants

With the agency facing an all-time high of vacant positions, the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office felt the change was necessary in the effort to reach a wider pool of potential applicants.

Sheriff Prator stated that, "At this time, we have over 90 positions available. As we struggle to fill those positions, we realized we needed to give the younger generation a chance to join, what I believe to be, the best law enforcement agency in the area."

There Has Also Been Another Change

Along with lowering the minimum age for applicants, the CPSO has also streamlined its application process making it easier for applicants to join the team.

Current or prior military, college graduates, and current P.O.S.T certified law enforcement are exempt from taking the entrance exam.

"If you are hardworking and in search of a meaningful career with great benefits and unlimited possibilities, I encourage you to submit an application," said Sheriff Prator.

To apply or learn more about working at CPSO, visit or call 681-0812.

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