Our air conditioner went out for a few hours a couple of days ago and though it was slightly uncomfortable in the building, it never bordered on dangerously hot.

That's when it occurred to me just how fortunate a lot of us are to have jobs protected from this blistering Louisiana sun.

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As we are in the grips of a dangerous heat wave that appears to have no end in sight, we should all take a second to remember those who make a living working in this incredibly hot weather.

Not only is the heat uncomfortable, we are reminded of its dangers after the news last week that a Shreveport worker died from a possible heat-related illness.


Even when heat indexes range from 105 to 110 and even hotter, there are those who's very livelihood depend on them being outside in this suffocating heat.

Without hesitation, I tip my hat to these men and women who brave the elements to provide goods and services to the rest of us!

With that in mind, join me in showing your gratitude to The Ten Louisiana Workers Sweating The Most Right Now.

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