A lot of people may have been disappoint in the No Mercy's Main Event battle between Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar. But, one match that didn't not disappoint was the tag team title show down between Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose and Cesaro & Sheamus.

The match saw all sorts of insanity...from crazy tag team maneuvers to raw power and brutality.  In fact, the match was so violent, not only did Cesaro get busted open but he lost his two front teeth!

Cesaro was launched into the corner by Ambrose. But, instead of hitting the top turnbuckle, Cesaro went teeth first into ring post. The injury was exacerbated when Cesaro then took a superkick right to the mouth from Rollins.

For what its worth, Seth Rollins was also appeared to be busted open during the match. Professional Wrestling results may be predetermined but the pain is very much real.

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