When it comes to over-engineered solutions, China's latest plan to upgrade their streetlights has to take the cake.  To solve issue of not having enough light at night, did the government install more streetlights?  No.  Put brighter bulbs in the existing streetlights?  Nope.  They are launching a second moon.

I'm not sure if they have been consulting with Elon Musk, but this definitely has this a 20 pound sledgehammer for a ten penny nail feel to it.  The mission is set to launch in 2020.  Once it is complete, officials will be able to control where the artificial moon shines - and how bright it will be.  The Express reports that not only will the device be able to illuminate an area as large as 50 miles, the brightness will be eight times stronger than the real moon - thus eliminating the need for streetlights.  Scientists claim the precision of this device is incredible.  Once it is in orbit and functioning, officials will be able to control where the light (reflected light from the sun captured in space and redirected by a mirror) shines down to a few meters.

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