If you've got trash around your house, broken appliances, or a generally trashy ambiance surrounding your property in Shreveport - you'll probably want to get that cleaned up right away.  Why?  It's probably a nasty, unsanitary mess - for starters.  Also, the City of Shreveport's Property Standards officials will be looking for violations during their sweep of the city today.  Until 4 p.m. today, authorities will be assessing known problems and trying to identify new problems with litter, unkempt lots, and trash piling up around houses in the Shreveport areas.

If you are looking for a legal way to get rid of some larger debris,  KTBS reports that there is a dumpster for the public to use free of charge at 810 70th Street, east of Bewley's Furniture store.

The goal is to beautify the area where we live, so pitch in before the bad weather gets here.  Fines for unkempt property can be pricey, so make sure you take care of business.

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