The first cold spell of winter has arrived in Northwest Louisiana. This massive cold front is sweeping across across the country, but no snow is expected locally.

The high temperature on Thursday in Shreveport Bossier is expected at 44 degrees which will happen early in the morning and then things start to dip as the cold front roars through.

Our Thursday night temp will dip to about 24 degrees, but it doesn't look like we have any chance of snow or freezing rain.

“The bitterly cold air that has spilled into the Rockies and northern Plains will continue to spread south and eastward for the rest of the week,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Ryan Adamson said.

The National Weather Service also wants to make sure you protect your pipes and your pets.

Temperatures will plummet 10 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit below average from Little Rock, Arkansas, to Chicago before expanding eastward to Richmond, Virginia, and Boston.

The core of the cold will grip the northern Plains, where highs in the single digits and teens will unfold.

“The coldest air of the season so far will overtake the Great Lakes on Thursday and Friday,” Adamson said.

“Chicago will be lucky to reach 25 F on Friday and Saturday,” he said.

The harshest conditions will reach the Northeast by the weekend.

“Boston will struggle to reach freezing for a high this weekend, while New York City may not reach 40 F,” Adamson said.

New York City will record their first freeze of the season by Saturday morning. The city will fall well short of setting the latest first freeze on record, which currently stands at Dec. 22, 1998.

Gusty winds will add to the biting chill across the Midwest and Northeast. The cold will be ushered in by wind gusts of 25 to 35 mph, helping to trigger some lake-effect snow.