In the past week, law enforcement officers in both Flower Mound and Beaumont, Texas have stepped up to the plate to finally show us their moves in the lip sync battle viral challenge!

Of course, a lot of cops are actually doing their own singing in their squad cars as evidenced by this viral duo out of Boston showing off their patriotism by singing God Bless America just in time for this past 4th of July holiday!

These guys may have been late to the 'Lip Sync Battle' party, but they hit it out of the park! I love what the Flower Mound PD did and how their local Fire Department joined in on the fun and didn't mind making fun of themselves!

The Beaumont Police Department went a different, more educational direction, making use of McGruff the Crime Dog as well as local kids. I also think it's cute that only in the south do we have to edit out words in songs on the off chance that they *might* be objectionable! Over all, a solid effort by BPD!

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