As more and more people switch to online shopping malls across the country are starting to shut their doors. Many have tried fresh new ideas like outdoor markets or other incentives to get people back to their stores but the overall direction is people leaving the malls... But what if they lived there?

Think about it there's tons of room for apartments to be put where stores used to be and still enough room for gyms, daycares and other day to day living essentials. This is being done in malls all across america!

Providence Arcade in Rhode Island is the perfect example of a mall turned into a living space with the entire 2nd floor for living and the 1st floor restaurants and businesses. Demand for the apartments are super high and with spaces renting for as low as $550 a month I can see why!

Maybe this is exactly what Shreveport need new fresh ideas like these to take the spaces we already have and make them new and better! Check out the video below to see what the mall living spaces look like..

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