I love basketball.  Fast paced and exciting - it's hard not to get caught up in a game, even if I don't know who the teams are.  It's only better when your team is involved.  For me, that's when the excitement peaks.


If the rumors are true, we could have our own team to go crazy over right here in Shreveport.  The Ark-La-Tex Homepage is reporting that the NBA has recently issued rules stating that each Pro-level team have a D-level team.  Our NBA team, the New Orleans Pelicans, has reportedly reached out to officials in Shreveport about the possibility of hosting that D-level team right here in the SBC.  We do have 3 different venues - The Gold Dome, Century Link Center, and Hirsch Coliseum - any one of these would be great.  The Century Link Center even has some experience hosting NBA games like the Mavs and the Pelicans in preseason action.

One question remains: what do we name it?

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