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Sigh... another day another scam. Why are folks so intent on stealing from others instead of making money the old-fashioned way? You know, working!

Detectives from the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office are warning Caddo residents about another round of a new old scam to be aware of.

Don't you just hate a thief? Apparently, these idiots can't wait to separate you from your hard-earned money but what they don't realize is that the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office doesn't play. Especially when you're using the names of deputies on their pay role.

Let me explain. These criminal masterminds are contacting Caddo Parish residents and telling them if they don't cough up some dough, they're going to be arrested. As in incarcerated. Not cool. Make sure to stay vigilant and let your family members know not to fall for this foolishness.

Here's what the release from the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office had to say:

Detectives say if you receive a call from (318) 245-2467 from a caller stating they are Chief Deputy Mark Long or any other CPSO deputy asking for money in any form, that this is a scam. They say no one from the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office will ever ask anyone for payment over the phone and they will never ask for any payment in the form of a gift card

Yep, they're even using the names of folks in the department, but don't fall for it. The Caddo Sheriff's Office, no law enforcement entity really, will ever contact you via phone demanding any kind of payment. If you have been contacted by someone claiming to be with CPSO asking for money, make sure to call the Caddo Sheriff’s Office's Financial Crimes Task Force at (318) 681-0770.

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