We love wacky inventions just as much as the next guy, and that is why we LOVE the Couchbike.  Think of it...getting the cardio your fat ass so needs, while in the comfort of your own couch!  I mean really when's the last time you sat on a bicycle seat?  Your ass was probably a lot smaller back then.  This contraption would allow your posterior to sink in wonderful couch cushion and you get a full cardio work out! 

I can just see it now...couchbike marathons, couchbike olympics, and couchbike races.  The only thing missing is a TV, but they'll probably get a new version complete with TV.

We found this video of the two inventors taking their sweet new ride to prom.  Yeah, prom and from we can tell they didn't have dates.  Go figure.  We salute you, Mr. Couchbike Invertor Guys!

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