This almost happened.

In 2011 the NBA had a lockout season and the Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones took a swing for the fence.

LeBron said in an interview on "Uninterrupted" that he started to train in 2011 for FOOTBALL. Yes, the idea crossed his mind to play professional football and his favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys, actually sent him a contract to join the team.

We all know that he never did hit the field, but he kept the contract and currently has it framed in his office.

Just recently I read that an NFL analyst said had LeBron joined the Cowboys, he'd have been one of the best players in the league. I just ask, what position would he have played?

As a Cowboys fan, I would have loved to see this happen. LeBron's athleticism is off the chart and back in 2011, he was still young enough to pull this off.

Too bad it didn't happen. Now, all that I can ask is, "What if LeBron James played for the Dallas Cowboys?"

In 2011, the Dallas Cowboys went 8-8 on the season.

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