Is your newest tat a Cowboys star?  You've really got to be a fan to be inked with your team's logo or colors, and some NFL fans have gone all out this season. Cowboys fans are in the top half for having the most tattooed fans in the NFL. 

Getting a tattoo in honor of your favorite NFL team takes fandom to a whole new level.  You can throw a Cowboys jersey into the washing machine and blue and silver facepaint washes off, but a tattoo is a commitment.  There will be no switching to cheering for the Giants once you ink yourself with a Cowboys star. And which body part gets it?  The hip is a popular spot, but then no one sees it at the game (at least as far as we know).  There's so much to think about.

Pickwise looked at Instagram to come up with its list of the most inked fans in the NFL, and it wasn't a Super Bowl team that came out on top.

The Philadelphia Eagles have 5764 posts by dedicated fans showing off team tattoos, and there are two main reasons for it. The things that move a fan to get a team tattoo, according to Pickwise, are recent and historic success, along with a general following.

Team Name, followed by Number of Posts showing tattoos

Philadelphia Eagles - 5764

Chicago Bears - 5638

Las Vegas Raiders - 4797

New England Patriots - 4343

Denver Broncos - 4268

Buffalo Bills - 3671

San Francisco 49ers - 3634

Kansas City Chiefs - 2300

Minnesota Vikings - 1921

Dallas Cowboys - 1791

Pittsburgh Steelers - 1236

Green Bay Packers - 1075

Cleveland Browns - 724

Seattle Seahawks - 611

Houston Texans - 377

Washington Football Team - 367

Los Angeles Chargers - 265

Los Angeles Rams - 233

Arizona Cardinals - 205

Carolina Panthers - 186

Jacksonville Jaguars - 92

Atlanta Falcons - 90

New York Giants - 74

Miami Dolphins - 63

Cincinnati Bengals - 44

Indianapolis Colts - 43

Detroit Lions - 32

Baltimore Ravens - 26

New York Jets - 17

New Orleans Saints - 15

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 9

Tennessee Titans - 7

It's surprising that Buccaneers fans don't have more team ink, but after a season like this, give them time and new fans might logo up.  And February 8th -- the day after the Super Bowl -- might be a big day for tattoo artists in the winning team's city.

Would ya?  Maybe you've already done it and haven't hashtagged yet.  That thought puts a whole new twist on the list!  Maybe the Cowboys are actually number 1.

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