There are certain places you never want to be, and being trapped in an elevator for an extended period of time would probably be one of them. Dave Navarro was on his way to visit Sirius XM host Opie when he got stuck in an elevator.

Navarro still had phone reception, so he passed the time with social media updates from the elevator, first explaining, "This is what hell is like," and later humorously driving home the "hell" point by posting a video of a woman talking behind him while he mouthed the words "oh my god" to the camera. Check out his postings below:

The Jane's Addiction guitarist spoke to TMZ after the incident revealing that it felt like the elevator plummeted 10 floors at one point. The gravity of the situation seemed to set in with Navarro more after the fact than when it occurred in real time. "The thing dropped and then stuck and once you stop then you realized something scary happened," he told TMZ. "I should have been scared but then it's over, so f--- it." Navarro also admitted that he was a little surprised to see the fireman coming to his aid in full gear, wondering if there was more danger to the situation that initially thought.

After being freed from the elevator, Navarro posed for a photo with his rescuers and eventually appeared on Opie's radio show before exiting the building.

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