In May of this year, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) basically shut down operations at Shreveport pharmaceutical wholesaler Morris & Dickson Co.  The DEA had learned in October of 2017 that Morris & Dickson was selling large amounts of oxycodone and hydrocodone - sometimes 10 times the national average.  In the face of the current opioid crisis, the feds cracked down on any pharmacy that had the hallmarks of a "pill mill."  In the face of these allegations, Morris & Dickson vowed to prove them wrong.

Last week that promise came full circle, as U.S. District Judge Elizabeth Foote urged the DEA Acting Administrator Robert Patterson to lift the order.  According to the Longview News Journal, she also ordered Morris & Dickson's license to be re-instated and all drugs confiscated in the investigation returned.

The pharmacy will now be able to get back to work selling drugs to operations in more than 15 nearby states, including Texas.  The courts will reconvene on Tuesday (may 22nd) to determine if the order will be extended, allowing the company to continue operations during the investigation.

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