There is a new sheriff in town.  At least that is the case in DeSoto Parish. On Thursday afternoon, DeSoto Parish Sheriff, Rodney Arbuckle, announced his retirement.  Arbuckle has been the Sheriff in DeSoto Parish for the last seventeen years and has a total of thirty six years of law enforcement experience. Arbuckle announced his retirement in an email to local media. In the email, Arbuckle thanked the citizens of DeSoto Parish for giving him the opportunity to serve as their sheriff.  He also referenced his desire to spend time with his family and wanting to prevent the appearance of conflict of interest since his oldest son has a law practice that will be working on cases in DeSoto Parish. Chief Deputy Jayson Richardson will become the Sheriff in DeSoto Parish.

You can read Sheriff Rodney Arbuckle's email in it entirety below.

                I just want to thank the citizens of DeSoto Parish for the opportunity to serve as your Sheriff for the last 17 years. After much prayer and conversation with my family, I have decided to retire effective March 16, 2018. After 36 years of service in Law Enforcement, I feel it is time to explore other things in life. Recently, I became a grandpa to a grandchild that has experienced health issues. This has caused me to change my outlook as to what is important. During this time, my oldest son also started a law practice and will be handling criminal cases in DeSoto Parish Court system. I do not want the appearance of a conflict of interest.

As I leave this position, Chief Deputy Jayson Richardson will be appointed Sheriff. I feel that he is more than qualified and will serve the citizens of DeSoto Parish without fail. Jayson has my full support in this endeavor. I want to thank my family for their support and standing with me through the years. I will continue be active in bettering DeSoto Parish.


Sheriff Rodney Arbuckle


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