This weekend's Ark-La-Tex Craft Beer and BBQ festival is gearing for a huge party.  Nature's most perfect pair are the guest of honor, the deliciously complex and diverse science of craft beer and home brewing will complement one of the South's most incredibly unique talents - the time honored and perfected art of BBQ.

The festival kicks off Saturday at the Louisiana State Exhibit Museum at 11 am (10 am for VIP ticket holders).  If you are planning on going, prepare yourself an onslaught of southern culinary delights - Home brewers and craft breweries from around the US will be on hand with some of the rarest, small batch craft beer in existence.  You will get to sample delicious and curious brews from Texas, Mississippi, California, Michigan, Utah, Oregon, Colorado, and right here in Louisiana!  The food will be just as representative, with teams steaming in onto the BBQ battlefield with their mobile cooking camps from all around the nation!  Check out their website for schedules, info, and tickets by clicking here.

We got a chance to sit down with Nick, one of the organizers, to talk about this incredible festival got started.  Check out all of the delicious details below!


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