Anyone of a certain *ahem* age in Shreveport remembers the lyrics, 'Set U Free, Set U Free, Set U Free...' That was the chorus to the song by Planet Soul, the namesake of the club that opened in the Shreve City Shopping Center on Shreveport/Barksdale Hwy in 1996. If you'll remember, the club would open early evening as a teen venue called 'Daddy's Money' then would close and re-open for 18+ as Planet Soul.

I was a baby DJ at the time going by PJ Lacy on the all new Big Dog 945, now K945. I still remember the commercials touting DJ Maniac Matt straight from Miami, imported for the express purpose of elevating nightlife in Shreveport/Bossier!

It wasn't the first time that building put on a party either. In an earlier incarnation, the club was known as Denim and Diamonds with big chandelier shaped like a western saddle. It's kinds hard to believe it's the Burlington Coat Factory now.

I remember seeing acts like Vanilla Ice perform there, as well as Information Society, Freak Nasty, 95 South and more... I still remember that dude from the Information Society getting beat up before he ever took the stage! Oh, if those walls could talk!

There were nights where literally 4.000 kids would be there and I'd lead the train to Quad City DJs over and over and over again! I would actually pray for Disco Dale to show up and take over for me, but those were seriously the days!!!

If you were a part of the Planet Soul/Daddy's Money family, we're looking for pictures from back in the day. I've even heard of a possible reunion! What do you think? If someone put it together, would you go? Haven't had enough nostalgia? Check out this old flyer for the club!

Maniac Matt