We have all heard of people calling 911 and pretending to order a pizza right? I've seen several TikTok videos where someone calls 911 and proceeds to order pizza, most of the time the operator starts off confused but then they realize there is a problem and get an address and send the police over. When someone calls 911 and orders a pizza it means they're being held hostage or being held against their will.

Up until now I only knew about the "order pizza" trick.

What happens if you're with that person in public and you can't speak up out of fear? There is a hand gesture that has gone viral on TikTok thanks to Fabulous a magazine from the UK. The hand gesture is showing people you need help.

Due to this hand gesture, a missing teenager is now home safe.

According to HuffPost.com the 16-year-old girl had been missing from her home in North Carolina for several days. The missing teenager made eye contact with a motorist and made the hand signal, luckily for her, the motorist knew this meant she needed help.

The motorist called 911 and the teenager was rescued by sheriff’s deputies. Due to this grand rescue, several Police departments are coming out to tell people to use this hand signal if they are in danger.

How do you do this hand signal?

    • First, hold your hand up with your palm facing another person.
    • Next, tuck thumb into the palm
    • Finally, fold your fingers down over your thumb.
@fabulousmagThe secret hand signal that shows someone is a victim of domestic violence - please share ✋🏼##signalforhelp ##pandemic ##advice ##learnontiktok ##support♬ original sound - Fabulous


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