If you've ever been to Palestine, Texas, you know there's just not much going on there. So, what's a guy to do on a lazy April afternoon?  How about get drunk and steal an ambulance?

Seems that 18-year-old Armando Vinaja had been taken to Palestine Regional Medical Center for treatment, and thought it would be a good idea to run out of the hospital, hop in an ambulance, and take off.  Young Armando then led officers on a high-speed chase through the streets of sleepy Palestine before he just decided to stop in the middle of the road.

Next thing he knows, Armando is face down on the pavement with five cops on top of him.  And now he's being held on $1150,000 bond in the Anderson County Jail on charges of driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, and evading arrest or detention with vehicle.

So, one wonders if it was worth it for Armando.  What he does at the very end of the video says it all.

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