To celebrate the possibility of an early spring rocking out of the shadow of a groundhog, I found out about "Five Famous Groundhogs" you didn't know.

Buckeye Chuck of Ohio. He is one of two Ohioan groundhog weather prognosticators…and declared by the Ohio General Assembly as the official Ohio state groundhog. Might the other be considered a fake because he lacks endorsement of a recognized political party?

Balzac Billy, the “Prairie Prognosticator” of Balzac, Alberta, Canada. That he is Canadian seems to be his only distinction.

General Beauregard Lee resides in the Yellow River Game Ranch in Lilburn Georgia. He holds honorary University of Georgia doctorates in Weather Prognostication and Southern Groundology. Does this acknowledgment of Doctor Beauregard’s weather prediction prowess make him any more trustworthy? Word is he has an accuracy rate of 94%.

Staten Island Chuck of New York City’s Staten Island Zoo. His proper name is Charles G. Hogg. If he can make it there, he can make it anywhere?

Wiarton Willie hails from Wiarton community, Bruce County, Ontario Canada. The Wiarton Willie Festival celebrates his predictions. Of course, we must recall, the most famous groundhog of all: Punxsutawney Pennsylvania’s Phil. And if you’re interested, a groundhog is a member of the group of large ground squirrels known as marmots. Regardless of how cute, cuddly or accurate about weather prediction they might be, they are still rodents.... you know, like mice and rats?  As a refresher: If any one of these fellows sees their shadow, winter continues for six more weeks…in that locale only, I think. In northwest Louisiana, it’s quite possible their vision will have no effect on our weather. Like ANY thing has any effect on our weather here…  Whether winter weather wails – or not – for six more weeks, your Groundhog Day 2012 should


rock with hot licks and a screamin' warm tailwind.

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